SONOS® meets Apple TV®

Control your entire SONOS system from the comfort of your couch.


Digital content, streaming music services, and synced media systems have all changed significantly in the last 20 years. Consider some of these milestones:

And through it all we waited. As enthusiastic SONOS & Apple TV users, we kept waiting. Waiting for the day when someone would finally announce an app that would let us easily control our SONOS systems using our familiar little remote. And it never arrived.

So one day, a few months ago, we finally started to scratch that proverbial itch. And we asked ourselves, "How hard could it be?" Well, harder than we thought (more on that soon). But apparently not so hard as to be impossible. The result is SITNOS, currently very much a work in process, but already the main way we now interact with our own SONOS systems.


The SITNOS App currently provides the following feature set and is available as a free download in the app store. Once installed on your Apple TV, it is 100% fully functional for 14 days, and has a $4.99 per year (or $0.49 per month) subscription thereafter.

Sonos Devices

See the current content and playing state of all the devices in your system. The status displays are updated dynamically even if the source of the update is another app or interface to your system.

Remote Control

Control what is playing where with just a few swipes and clicks on your Apple remote. Join rooms, change shuffle modes, and adjust the volume of every device in your system.

Local Library

Browse your entire local music library by Genre, Artist, Album, or Track. Our tree view of your content lets you navigate even large collections easily and efficiently.

Music Services

Browse and play favorites and shared playlists from your streaming accounts like Spotify® or Amazon Music®.

Download from the App Store

SITNOS is available exclusively for Apple TV and can be downloaded directly from the App Store. Just search for SITNOS and click to install it on your Apple TV. The install and first 2 weeks of use are 100% functional and completely free of any charges. After 14 days, you can choose to continue using SITNOS by purchasing a yearly ($4.99) or a monthly ($0.49) subscription.

And we are just getting started

There is lots more that we are planning to add to SITNOS. Here are some highlights from our development roadmap (in no particular order):

  • *The current playing queue

    Each SONOS player (or set of grouped players) has a queue of content that is currently loaded. You can currently interact with this implictly in SITNOS (you can make music selections replace the current queue or add to the end of it), but you can't explicitly bring up the queue, remove individual elements, reorder it, etc.

  • Currently you can only use SITNOS to navigate saved "favorites" from external music services. You can't do a full browse or search of everything that's available like you can on the native SONOS apps. We're working on that.

  • We think there's currently a little too much hierarchy to the way you navigate music for a given player (or group of players). Too much pushing "down" into different options, navigating them, and then popping back up to do something else. Redesign of that is in the works.

  • A single place to search for any music content from the couch would be great (and conceivably more social than everyone staring at their own phones). Some fuzzy matching and discovery of related content (across multiple content sources) has amazing potential that would really exploit the fact that Apple TV screens have a *lot* more real estate than a phone.

  • We'd really like to add an easy way to create and edit playists in addition to interacting with the main queue and/or playlists created elsewhere. Perhaps even "meta-" playlists that would allow for playlists of playlists, playlists that cross music services, etc.



If you have any questions about SITNOS or have any support issues, please use the following contact form.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about SITNOS:

  • How long has the SITNOS app been in development?

    We began initial work on the app in December of 2022. By the end of February we had a very barebones version that we shared with a few dozen beta testers. Using their amazing feedback, we got the app to its first public release in May of 2023.

  • We have certainly thought about how to release a free version of the app, but there is (at least) one complicating factor. Due to some technical details about how the SONOS API works (i.e. websockets), we have to always maintain a certain amount of server capacity for every installed copy of the App. So there are real costs involved in keeping the backend infrastructure running. There may be a way to work around enough of the API to provide a version of STINOS that requires only local network connectivity to your SONOS system, but we are not there yet.

  • We use the official SONOS API to interact with your system, and that interface uses an industry standard approach to giving us access to your system's data. In fact, we never see your account details (not even your email address). When you perform the linking step during initial installation of the App, you actually enter your account details at (not at All we see is a token that the app can use to find out the current state of your system.

  • Under normal use, you will see network traffic between your Apple TV device and both & The details are somewhat technical (i.e. websockets), but the traffic on is essentially a relay back to your AppleTV for information about onging changes to the state of your SONOS system. We pass these messages on, but we do not originate them and we do not retain them.

  • If the SITNOS App is misbehaving, try exiting and then renterting the application by briefly going back to the main Apple TV screen. If that does not solve the issue, you can try actually quitting the app (double press the TV button on your TV remote, swipe left/right until the SITNOS App is focused, and then swipe up). If that still does not resolve the issue, you can try unlinking the App and then relinking it to your SONOS account (from the main SITNOS screen swipe left to bring up the side menu, the select "Link Reset").

  • For full functionality, the SONOS API requires that we maintain a websocket between the runnnng app and our servers so that we can push updated system info (e.g. change of media, volume change, etc,) published by SONOS down to your device. So every running copy involves onging server costs at our end. We also think a subscription helps to incentivize us to keep adding more features and functionality to SITNOS.